Why Us

We are a registered non-profit organisation in Indonesia:

Nomor Pendaftaran SK : AHU - 0004938.AH.01.12.Tahun 2018
Tanda Daftar Yayasan : 3472/F.2/
Izin Kegiatan Yayasan : 3657/F.3/

What Makes Us Different

100% Volunteers

Our dream is to see the better world where education does not stand in the way of one pursuing her dreams. We love what we do. Everything you pay goes directly to our projects. We do not charge any fees other than operational costs.


We are extra careful in selecting or crafting our project. We ensure that every decision we make at Runcing is data-driven and far from potentially false assumptions. We take our research work very seriously from analysing data to immersing ourselves in the environment in which our program runs.

On-the-Ground Team

Community expertise is essential to us. Understanding the language people speak in the targeted areas helps us bridge the gap faster and gives us confidence before taking on a project in a community.


Every project at Runcing is managed by a dedicated team. We do the planning, executing, and monitoring the program - everything hands-on.

Impact Measurement

As part of our long-term goal, it is our main priority to make sure what every donation means to anyone benefitted from our programs. We will take care of every penny donated and make a regular report for the world to see what we’ve been up to.