Why Education?

Five reasons why

We should care about the equality in education in Indonesia.

The number of people living under the poverty line in Indonesia hovers around 27% of the total population. Many families who encounter such financial hardship would rather have their children help them to work and bring food to the table.

Out of 297,368 schools (elementary-high school and equals combined), there are only 25.74% of schools that are eligible to support learning activities.

Allowing parents to force child marriage to their children could lead them to a number of negative impacts. We are firm believers that keeping children in school would give them a better chance for safety and security, to health and education, and that they can make their own life choices and every decision.

The success of education relies heavily on the quality of the teachers and updated textbook.The world is changing rapidly, we cannot have students arguing with theories that are no longer in use.

Indonesia being located in a disaster-prone part of the world means we need to act quickly on responding to educational needs when any natural disaster strikes.