Our Team

Runcing Foundation is on a mission to help alleviate unequal access to educational opportunities in remote areas of Indonesia.

What We Do

We believe that removing blockers in accessing quality education is the best first step to accomplish. Our programs are designed to improve infrastructure, improving access by all means, and invest heavily in human capital. Here are some faces who want that to happen every day:

Runcing Rangers

Muhammad Carlos
Managing Director
He might be many things from social entrepreneur to whatever word that describes someone who travels to places in flip flop. You can feel his unlimited energy by judging his Instagram feed oversharing many things, oops. But all in all, he basically breathes Runcing vision from the second he gets out of bed.
Raissa Nidya
Program Director
She likes working around data and numbers, making sure that everything is data-driven. Since she was younger, she has been wanting to travel to rural areas in Indonesia, not only for vacation but also to create impacts for the locals.
Zulmi Virmansyah
Research and Development Director
After finding himself busy growing audience for an early-stage fintech startup in Jakarta, he relocated to Lombok to work in public sector as the Governor’s think tank team for education. On the side, implementing things he learned about social impact in San Fransisco to Runcing.
Bagus Ruswandi
Fundraising Director
One day he’s in Japan, the other he is in New York. But seriously, most times you’d find him around SCBD Jakarta, being a good lawyer to his clients by day, and a good fundraising manager by night. And a good boyfriend on the weekend of course.
Mika Affandy
A creative guy behind Indonesia’s entertainment and F&B industry. He is that guy who opens a new cafe every once in a while. His expertise from bringing in values to the table to dancing to, really, anything is the reason that keeps Runcing alive to this day.
Amelia Puspitasari
Finance Director
Numbers excite her. That is why you’ll find her busy crunching numbers,sometimes for the government, other times for Runcing. When numbers no longer bring the joys, she usually enjoys a little hike somewhere or finding peace in Ubud.
Samson Chong
International Outreach Director
After a short encounter in the desert in Jordan with Carlos and Virman, he’s always been keen on making the dream a reality by immersing himself in Indonesian villages without electricity for a few nights. If not busy eating dumplings and raising funds for charity, he might be busy developing our team in Hong Kong.
Muhammad Rizki Maulana
Information Technology Director
An obsession of seeing human and robot live peacefully has made computer lab his second home. You can see his amazing work by experiencing our website.
William Sumarli
Graphic Designer
You’ll probably bump into him in the midst of Jakarta’s busiest hour shooting the right angle for his next content. His nomad lifestyle has been really helpful in crafting contents both for our social media and website anytime, anywhere.