Inequality in education

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Why Education?

A good quality education remains inaccessible to millions of children across Indonesia. Varying levels of challenges from inadequate infrastructure to geographical challenges have made it even harder to go to school. A collective effort with you can help us put an end to that in the best ways we know how.

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Our Projects

We are striving to improve the equality in education, on step at a time. View all projects.

Scholarship Programs
Mataram, NTB; Kupang, NTT

We are hoping to implement sponsor-a-kid model with our committed donors to help cover tuition fees and living cost of every student.

  • Target: Schools in NTB, NTT, Papua
  • Items: 80 scholarship packages
COVID Relief Study Program
Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara (4 regencies)

Before students can safely return to their classrooms, we would like to extend the initiative to enable supervised learning from home and take exams as required by their curriculums accordingly using technology.

  • Target: 900 children
  • Items: 7 schools in West, Central, East, and North Lombok
School Construction in Alor
Pantar Island, Alor, East Nusa Tenggara

By building this school, we hope that access to education will be brought a lot closer to home so that participation and graduation rates will rise, and less girls will be put in danger.

  • Target: 120 students and 50 families
  • Items: 3 Classrooms, 2 toilets

Our Partners

We are working closely with our partners to ensure that no one gets left behind.

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